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Soma Cruz

Soma Cruz

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Soma Cruz
Japanese name
Appearance(s) 2035:Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
2036:Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Role(s) High school student
Reincarnation of Dracula
Weapon of Choice Swords and other weapons
Abilities Power of Dominance
Voice Actor(s)
Music Theme(s) Ruined Castle Corridor
Gender Male

Soma Cruz is a Japanese high school student from the 21st century living in the town of Hakuba and is the protagonist from the games Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow. While going to see the first full solar eclipse of the millennium with his childhood friend, Mina Hakuba, he was teleported to Dracula's Castle. There, he embarked on a revealing adventure where he discovered powers he did not know he had and that he is the reincarnation of Count Dracula. A year later, a cult named With Light tried to eliminate him in an effort to resurrect the Dark Lord by filling that position with another Dark Lord Candidate.



Soma Cruz has a strangely intimidating presence that makes him distant and difficult to approach for others. Despite this, he gets along very well with his childhood friend, Mina Hakuba. Soma is very concerned about his friends' wellbeing, especially Mina. His main motivation for climbing to the throne room in Dracula's Castle was not only to save himself, but her as well. When Yoko Belnades was stabbed by Graham Jones, Soma exhibited clear worry for her. After the events of Aria of Sorrow, Soma admitted that his experience changed him. He displays a more open and welcoming personality.

Soma risked his life for Mina's safety again in Dawn of Sorrow. His reason for going after the cult called With Light was because they threatened Mina's safety. As Celia Fortner deduced, the key to turning Soma into the Dark Lord is killing Mina. This shows Soma's love for Mina, as his main incentive for fighting is her security. Without her, he may descend into madness and become the Dark Lord, as Mathias did when he lost Elisabetha.

Though Soma loves Mina, he does not openly admit it.

Powers and Abilities

Soma has the Power of Dominance, allowing him to obtain the souls of monsters he kills, which, in turn grant him their abilities. This gives Soma a large repertoire of powers, from throwing bones like a skeleton, to using sickles like Death, summoning familiars to fight alongside him, morphing into creatures, and much more. Soma has this power because he is the reincarnation of Count Dracula, which means he can rule over the souls of monsters. Soma can also use Magic Seals; pentagram like symbols he draws that allow him to seal away monsters that would usually be indestructible because of the power they draw from the dark side. Aside from those, he also makes use of a variety of arms, such as swords, pole arms, axes, hammers, and guns.


Soma Cruz has chin length white hair and gray eyes. He wears a black long sleeved shirt and blue jeans that flair out at the bottom and have buttons along the sides of the calf area. He also wears heeled boots with a black design on the toe area. The most recognizable part of his attire is his large white coat that has blue trim, studs along the edges of the collars and sleeves, and white fur going around the uppermost collar. Soma's Dawn of Sorrow appearance is different from his Aria of Sorrow one. He is depicted with greater musculature and a different coat that bears a strong similarity to his first one, but is lacking the fur and is more form fitting than the original. He also wears knee high boots that look as though they're meant for adventuring, which his pants are tucked inside. Hanging from his neck is a talisman that was given to him by Mina.


Events of Aria of Sorrow

On the night of the first solar eclipse of the 21st century, Soma was walking up the steps of the Hakuba Shrine to meet his only childhood friend, Mina Hakuba. As Soma continued, the stairway leading to the shrine felt longer than it usually did for a reason he could not place. He got the strange sensation that something was trying to keep him from reaching his destination. As he went through the shrine gates, his senses began to dim and he and Mina lost consciousness.

Soma woke in a strange courtyard with Mina looking over him. She seemed to be talking to someone else. Soma was unaware what was going on, but he quickly regained his senses. He stood and saw a man wearing a black suit across the way, who greeted Soma. Soma immediately asked who he was, and Mina tried to calm him down. She informed Soma that the man's name was Genya Arikado. Arikado did not want to waste time on introductions and directly asked Soma why he was there. Soma began explaining that he was going to see Mina, but he finally fully took in his unfamiliar surroundings and asked where they were.

Genya Arikado informed him that they stood in a courtyard within Dracula's Castle. Soma wondered how they could be all the way over in Europe, but Arikado told him that they were actually within the solar eclipse. Soma thought that to be a ludicrous idea, but Mina confirmed what Arikado was saying. Soma demanded an explanation from the mysterious man, but as he did, a group of skeletal warriors attacked from behind Arikado. Aridado used a magic ability to slay most of them, but one escaped his attack and rushed toward Mina. Arikado told Soma to protect her, and when Soma struck the creature with his pocket knife, a shining red ball of energy escaped from the creature's dying body and slammed into him, sending the teenager to his knees while Mina fainted.

Arikado senses the Power of Dominance within Soma.

As Mina lay unconscious, and with all enemies defeated, Soma asked Arikado what the force that entered his body was. Arikado told him that the spirit of the creature he killed entered his body and that Soma had the power to absorb the abilities of slain monsters. When Soma asked Arikado why he had that ability, the dark suited man only said that he had gained it. The mysterious figure told Soma to reach the throne room, and if he did not, both he and Mina would die a painful death from remaining in the castle too long. The throne room was the only means of escaping for them.

Soma did not want to leave Mina in such a vulnerable state, but Arikado said that he would use his powers to put a protective ward around the castle courtyard, which would prevent monsters from entering. Afterward, Aridado told Soma to set off, and he took his leave.

Soma was there when Mina woke up. He made sure she was doing okay and informed her of the protective barrier that had been put in place. Soma was curious about Arikado and asked Mina about him. She didn't entirely know who he was, but she heard he had something to do with national intelligence. He had been going to Mina's family's shrine for many years and said that the whole while he had not aged at all. She also said that his face was impossibly beautiful and he seemed too perfect. After Soma playfully heckled Mina about her taste in men, he told her about his powers, and asked her to wait in the courtyard while he set off toward the throne. Before he left, he promised that he'd get her back home.

Soma traveled the width of the Castle Corridor and at its end he found a man dressed in a white suit. Soma was on edge from fighting through monsters and nervously asked if the man was human. The gentleman told Soma to relax and introduced himself as a missionary named Graham. In conversation, Soma told Graham how he came to be in the castle, and then he asked Graham if what Arikado told him was true; if they were actually in Dracula's Castle. Graham said it was true, and explained to Soma that Dracula's true castle existed somewhere other than Europe, stating that to be a well known fact in the underworld. He asked Soma if he believed in vampires. Soma thought the whole story of Dracula to be a myth, but Graham claimed it all to be true. He said that the Church usually keeps things like that from the outside world, and explained that over hundreds of years, Dracula resurrected many times when people craved chaos and destruction. Soma asked if Dracula had been brought back again, but Graham calmed the boy by telling him that the Count was slain in 1999 by vampire hunters.

Graham asked if Soma was familiar with Nostradamus' great prophecy of 1999, and Soma was. Dracula resurrected just as Nostradumus predicted, but vampire hunters completely ended his regeneration cycle by sealing his castle within an eclipse. It was also predicted that in the year 2035, a new master would come to the castle and inherit all of Dracula's powers. Soma was surprised by that because that was the current year. Graham calmly excused himself while telling Soma to be careful.

Soma encouters Yoko in the underground library.

Soma's journey eventually led him to an underground library where he met a young woman. She immediately knew who he was, which surprised Soma. She was Yoko Belnades; a member of the Church. Soma wondered how a member of the Church would recognize him. She was told of him by Genya Arikado, who asked her to help Soma if he were to encounter trouble. Soma was a bit surprised to hear that Arikado was concerned about his wellbeing. Yoko said that he may seem cold at first, but he was actually a decent person. She pointed out that he may be anxious about Soma's safety because they share the same dark powers.

Soma was surprised to hear that his powers were dark. Yoko told him that he essentially had the ability to command and rule over monsters, and that it came as naturally as breathing to him. Even though the power was dark, it did not necessarily have to be evil, and Soma could use it for whatever purpose he wanted. Soma felt a bit better after hearing that. Yoko asked if he had met a man named Graham. She told him to be wary of him, because she believed that he had come to the castle to inherit the powers of Dracula. That news surprised Soma, since Graham did not seem like a threatening person. Yoko told him not to be fooled by his appearance and then she set off to find the missionary.

Hammer informs Soma that he has set up a store within the Castle.

Further in the Study, Soma met a large man named Hammer. The army dispatched him to investigate a shrine, but when he was teleported to the castle, he decided to abandon his mission. He noticed many strange people wandering the castle grounds and decided to collect the weapons, items, and other equipment he found lying around and sell it to them at the castle courtyard where there were no monsters. Soma thought the idea was weird, but left it at that.

He found Hammer in the courtyard and decided to talk to him. The soldier asked if Soma knew Mina, who was standing a short distance away from them. Soma said she was his friend, and Hammer was surprised he was so popular with the ladies. He invited Soma to take a look at his wares.

After Soma was done with Hammer, he went and talked with Mina. He asked her exactly what the Hakuba Shrine was used for. She told him the story of the Amanoiwado shrine, and how in her belief, solar eclipses were used to confine anger and evil intentions. Mina and her family would conduct ceremonies usually only for Japan's eclipses, but in 1999 a ritual was held in Europe, which is when Dracula's Castle was sealed within. That is how she knew everything Arikado was saying was true.

Soma would periodically check up on Mina. She went from being perfectly fine, to feeling a bit tired, and her body feeling heavy. Soma did not want to tell her what the effects of staying in the castle too long were. He continued his quest, determined to reach the throne room and save Mina.

J confronts Soma about his dark powers.

When he entered the Dance Hall he saw a middle aged man. The man said he sensed a dark power within Soma, and immediately asked who he was. Soma said it was rude to ask before introducing oneself. The man said that he could not give Soma his name, but that he went by "J". Soma asked him why he was hiding his name and the man revealed that he had amnesia due to a traumatic accident that happened in 1999. J was filled with terror whenever he heard the name Dracula. He journeyed to the castle because of the prophecy and to see if he could learn anything about his past. He felt his memory returning as he explored the magical stronghold. Soma asked if Dracula was involved in his accident, and J felt that was possibly the case, especially since he had magical powers himself. Soma questioned if he was an exorcist, to which J replied, "Well, you might say that." He made it clear that he worked for no one but himself. After the discussion, J left and Soma continued deeper into the castle.

Soma met Graham Jones again high in the Clock Tower. The mild man told Soma that he was glad to see him unharmed. Soma decided to confront Graham with the accusations Yoko made about him inheriting Dracula's powers. Graham said the term "inherit" was incorrect. He elaborated, saying that he was born on the very day that Dracula perished, and as such, he was Dracula. Soma didn't believe it because Graham was so kind and friendly. Graham admitted that was because he didn't consider Soma a threat to his mission, but he did sense Soma's power and wondered about it. Soma told Graham that his power allowed him to rule. Upon hearing that, Graham lost his composure and became psychotic. He said he would not allow Soma to rule, and that he had to get to the throne. Graham ran off in worry, leaving Soma very confused.

A little further in the tower Soma encountered Yoko. He told her what happened and that Graham was headed toward the throne. Soma also apologized for not trusting Yoko when she initially told him about Graham. He went on about how Graham's attitude completely changed when he told Graham about his powers. Yoko explained that Graham believed everything in the castle was his, which is why he felt threatened by Soma's presence. Yoko said it was better that way, because now Soma would be on her side. Yoko admitted that the missionary had been able to elude her with his cunning mind, but now that he was in a panic, she felt she would be able to corner him. She left to go find Graham.

Soma witnesses Yoko's stabbing.

Deep in the Underground Reservoir, Soma encountered Yoko and Graham in a confrontation. Graham had just stabbed Yoko as Soma was entering the room. When Graham noticed Soma, he used his powers to vanish and escaped. Yoko fell to the ground and Soma rushed to her. She thanked Soma for saving her, and said Graham absorbed the castle's power and had gotten much stronger. After telling Soma to be cautious, she fell into unconsciousness. Arikado slowly entered the room and muttered to himself about how he had underestimated Graham. Soma demanded that Arikado do something about Yoko. Arikado told Soma to go and that he would see to her wounds. Soma wanted to know what was in the throne room. Graham had gone there. Arikado refused to tell Soma. He only said that Soma must go there, or Yoko, Mina, and Soma himself would all die. Soma hated being manipulated by the mysterious man, but he realized he had no other choice.

Soma returned to the courtyard and saw Yoko there with Mina. Mina told Soma that Yoko had been going to the shrine for years, and since Mina was an only child, Yoko was like a sister to her. Soma said that Arikado was confident he could save Yoko, so he believed she would be okay. Hammer revealed that the medicine he gave Yoko wasn't much help, and he wanted her to get better because she was his type.

Mina herself was having problems, too. Occasionally, she would pass out, lose control of her arms and legs, or feel very dizzy. She did not know what was wrong, but Soma did. He hurried toward the throne to save himself and his friends.

After defeating a giant in the Battle Arena, Soma saw J again, who looked pale. J said that all of his memories came flooding back to him. Soma's dark power somehow triggered their return. His real name was Julius Belmont, and he was a descendant of the Belmont Clan, which had fought Dracula for generations. He was the one that destroyed Dracula in 1999.

J regained his lost memories at long last.

Julius declared that if Dracula was revived again, as the prophecy said he would be, then it was his destiny to slay the Count once more. Soma asked Julius if he met Graham. Julius said he saw him a little while ago, but Graham ran off when he saw Julius' face. Soma informed that Graham told him he was Dracula. Julius sensed a dark power at work within Graham, but said it was hard to believe Graham was Dracula. He was going to say something else, but stopped himself in mid-sentence, saying what he was thinking was only a hunch. Julius stated that if Graham was Dracula, he would not be able to kill him because he did not have his weapon; a whip named Vampire Killer that was passed down to him. Julius told Soma to pray that his hunch was wrong, and then he left to retrieve his whip, which was placed in the castle to weaken Dracula's spirit.

Graham welcomes Soma in the Castle's Keep.

Soma finally found his way to the throne room where Graham awaited. The mad man told Soma that he was too late; Dracula's power was already his. Soma said he was not interested in Dracula's power; he only wanted to leave the castle with his friend. Graham affirmed that he could get Soma out easily, but Soma had taken some of Graham's property; the souls of his demons. Soma said he would return the souls if he knew how. Graham sentenced Soma to death for stealing the souls, and announced that he would kill Soma himself. To Graham's great surprise, Soma killed him in battle, and the power that Graham absorbed was released. Soon, the dark energy began flowing into Soma violently. Soma could not take it all at once, and cried out.

Afterward, the teenager stood up and his appearance had changed. He finally understood everything. He proclaimed that he was Dracula, and told Arikado to reveal himself. Soma asked Arikado why he forced him to awaken. Arikado explained that Soma wasn't supposed to go to the castle, but his soul and Dracula's were the same. No matter how much Arikado tried to prevent it, he could not. Arikado wanted to awaken Soma someplace where he could use his powers to their full potential. Arikado went on, saying that an evil spirit was still flowing into Soma. Soma admitted that he felt it and was doing all he could to keep it at bay, but he was being consumed. Arikado enlightened that once the power was finished surging into him, Soma would become the evil Count and fully lose himself.

Arikado said that the evil in the spirit flowing into Soma came from those who sought chaos and destruction. They needed to cut off the source of chaos influencing the spirit. A stream of chaos existed within the castle, but only in a place Dracula could go. Soma said he was not afraid, and that he would go if it would make him himself once more. Arikado used his powers to slow the flow of the evil spirit into Soma. Soma thanked him for the help, and left the throne room.

Soma realises that he is actually Dracula reborn.

Soma returned to the courtyard. Mina and Hammer realized something about him was different. Mina asked him what happened, telling him he looked scary. He told her that nothing happened, then asked her how she would feel if he was not himself anymore . . . if he became someone else. She told him that she might not like him anymore, and the look in his eyes frightened her. Soma, not wanting to face Mina as he was, quickly left the courtyard.

He went to the Floating Garden where he found a pathway that had once been sealed off before. Unbeknownst to him, Julius Belmont followed him through and confronted him on a long suspension bridge. Julius said he didn't want to believe it was true, but he knew Soma was Dracula, and he would kill Dracula at all costs. Soma told Julius that he did not want to fight, but the Belmont did not listen and attacked.

Soma dealt a heavy blow to Julius and stopped the fight. Julius asked why Soma didn't finish him. The young man realized Julius was hardly using his full strength. Julius admitted that when he battled Soma, he sensed the evil spirit, but he also felt Soma's spirit as well, and that was enough to stop him. Soma told him that he was going on to fight against his own fate, and if he succumbed to the darkness, he asked Julius to kill him. Julius promised he would. Soma then went into the Chaos Realm.

When Soma made his way to the source of Chaos, Mina's voice spoke in his mind, telling him he was not alone. She said everyone in the castle combined their powers to contact him. Arikado told them Soma's entire situation, and they all believed Soma would get through it. Soma received comforting messages from Yoko, Arikado, and Hammer, and with their encouragement, he pressed on to cut off the source of chaos. After Soma defeated the creature, he heard messages from his friends.

Castlevania disappears into the darkness of the eclipse.

Yoko congratulated him. She told him that she must go attend to another job, and that she was shocked to learn he was Dracula. She was very happy that everything turned out well, and she assured Soma she would never forget him and that he was like a younger brother to her. She hoped they'd meet in the future.

Hammer told Soma that he planned to open a shop, and promised Soma a good deal if he stopped by.

Arikado told Soma that the path he took was the most challenging one, and that he did well. He warned Soma that others may follow in Dracula's footsteps in the future, and if that were to happen, they may meet again. Alucard thanked Soma in the name of his mother. Afterward, Soma heard Mina's voice, telling him to wake up.

Soma woke to the sight of Mina's face. He had gone back to normal and they were outside the castle and back at the Hakuba Shrine. She was relieved to see him awake and told him how worried she was. Soma said that he heard all of their voices, and that they saved his life again. He told her that he could never have won the last battle without them strengthening him with their encouragement. Mina was happy that the experience didn't change Soma, but Soma admitted that he was a lot cooler because of it. He warned her that Dracula's power still existed within him, but she told him that it was alright. If anything were to happen, his friends would come rushing to help. Soma thanked Mina once more, and together they watched the end of the eclipse.

Events of Dawn of Sorrow

Celia telling Soma that she will see his demise.

A year after the events that took place in Dracula's Castle, Soma and Mina were on the streets of Hakuba talking about their experiences there. Mina told him that she got a terrible feeling about it, but Soma reassured her, telling her not to worry. As Soma was going on about how he hadn't been able to use any of the powers he gained in a year, a strange woman suddenly materialized before them. She knew who Soma was, and told them her name was Celia. She summoned monsters to come forth and attack Soma. Arikado soon arrived, whom Celia was familiar with as well. She quickly cast a barrier that separated Arikado from Soma, but Arikado threw a knife threw the barrier for Soma to use against the monsters. Soma killed them and took their souls. After her monsters were beaten, Celia told Soma that she was certain she would eventually see his demise by whatever means and then she disappeared as quickly as she came.

Soma called out for her to wait, but Arikado said she was gone. Soma asked him why his power returned. Arikado explained that his power never left him, but since he had no need for the souls he gained any longer, they were set free. He also explained that the woman who appeared was a priestess of a new and rapidly growing cult that Arikado and his associates had been keeping tabs on. Their goal was to resurrect the Dark Lord. Their intention was to create a new lord by destroying Soma, since he did not become the Dark Lord himself. Arikado told Soma not to get involved, and then he left.

Several days after the incident, Soma found himself at the cult's base in the snowy mountains. He had acquired directions from Hammer, who suddenly appeared on the scene, as well. Soma asked Hammer why he was there, and Hammer answered that he wanted in on whatever Soma was up to. Hammer asked about Yoko. Soma told him that she wasn't coming, much to Hammer's disappointment. Soma told Hammer to leave for his own good, but the former soldier refused. He went to scope out the area and look for a good place to set up his shop.

Soma encountering Yoko and Julius at the drawbridge.

Soma explored a hidden village in the hills that was right next to the castle that the cult used as a base. At the drawbridge of the castle, Soma found Yoko Belnades and Julius Belmont, to his surprise. Soma asked Julius why they were there, but Yoko responded, telling him that they heard about the cult from Arikado. They were investigating themselves. Julius warned Soma that if the darkness drew him in, the hunter would be forced to destroy him. Soma understood, and Julius said there was no reason for the young man to be there. Yoko agreed; she felt Soma was unnecessarily putting himself in danger. Soma made it clear that he wasn't going to leave, because Celia was not only threatening him, but also Mina. When Julius saw his determination, he did not try to change Soma's mind. The old hunter began to take his leave and Yoko tried to join him. Julius told her to stay behind since they would need a contact there. Yoko protested but Julius made a high leap over the draw bridge and entered the castle despite her complaints.

After muttering more objections, Yoko turned and gave Soma a magic seal. Soma questioned what it was, and Yoko explained that Celia appeared to create gates that drew from the power of darkness, making the monsters indestructible. Soma would need to draw the pattern of the seal to destroy the monsters. Afterward, Soma began escorting Yoko to a place where she could get shelter from the wind and rain and set up a good contact spot. After defeating a monster back on the way to the Lost Village, Yoko set off on her own, and Soma tried to find another entrance to the castle.

Soma eventually found a path leading inside through the Wizardry Lab, where he encountered Celia again, but she was accompanied by two men. Celia made it known that she predicted Soma would come, and one of the men was surprised that Soma was the Lord of Darkness, shrugging him off based on his look. The other man chastised him for judging everything on his outward appearance, and the two got into a short argument. They were revealed to be Dario Bossi and Dmitrii Blinov. Soma asked Celia why she was expecting him, and Celia responded by asking Soma if he feared he would imperil innocents because of who he was.

Celia reasoning that for God to be perfectly good there must be a being of complete darkness.

Soma admitted that he fell for Celia's trap, and asked why they wanted to resurrect the Dark Lord. Celia explained that she did not necessarily want to resurrect him, but reasoned that for God to be perfectly good there must be a being of complete darkness. Soma responded that if the world needed such a being, then one should emerge. Celia said that perhaps he was right, or perhaps he wasn't, but what she did know was that the power of darkness was growing faint and that a lord of darkness needed to be enthroned quickly. Dario got tired of all the talking and offered to rip Soma apart right there. Celia and Dmitrii admonished their compatriot to have patience since Soma was already in their hands. Celia said that destroying Soma would serve as a test for both of the other men; whoever destroyed Soma would become the Dark Lord. Dario left after making threats to Soma, and Dmitrii did not see any significance in his presence, and also took leave.

Soma asked if those two men were Dark Lord Candidates, and Celia confirmed they were. They were born at the same time as Dracula's death, and as such, they inherited Dracula's dark powers. Celia told Soma that she would be waiting for him at the top of the castle if he wished to stop her, and if he survived her traps, she may even change her mind. After that, she left again.

Soma was shocked to learn that he had absorbed a human soul.

Soma eventually made his way to the Chapel of the cult's castle where he saw Dmitrii killing a monster with its own attack. He asked Soma to excuse him for such a brutal scene. Soma asked him if he forsook Celia because he killed the demon. Dmitrii told him that was only a ritual to gain power. Soma deduced that Dmitrii's power was to copy magic attacks. Dmitrii was ready to begin their battle but Soma stopped him, telling him he had no reason to fight him. He asked Dmitrii why he was going along with Celia's scheme, to which Dmitrii revealed he didn't have a reason. He had his powers and he wished to know their significance, nothing more. After Soma defeated him, he decided to spare Dmitrii's life and told the man to give up. Dmitrii was insulted that Soma was showing pity to him, and he told the young man that soon he would be the one being pitied upon. Suddenly, Dmitrii died. Soma couldn't believe that the man died because he never administered a finishing blow. Without warning, Dmitrii's soul flew into Soma. Soma wondered if he gained dominance over a human soul, but he gained no power from it, leaving him confused. He pressed onward, regardless.

While exploring the pathways of the Garden of Madness, Soma came across the man called Dario. He told Soma that he had really stepped out of bounds because of what happened to Dmitrii. Soma told him that he didn't mean to kill his friend, but Dario made it clear that he wanted to pummel Dmitrii himself. Soma asked if Dmitrii's death meant anything to him, but it didn't faze Dario at all. Soma then asked him why he wanted to become the Dark Lord. Dario gave Soma and exhibition of his power by burning all the plants around him with his pyrokinesis ability. He told Soma that he wished for even more power. Soma was winning the fight and told Dario that he could give up trying to become the Dark Lord. Dario wasn't going to let it end there and was getting ready for another attack. As he was about to unleash his power, Celia appeared and stopped him.

Dario displaying his amazing power to Soma.

Dario told her to let him preserve his pride by destroying Soma, but she was not ready to lose her last candidate. She told Dario she had another plan and teleported him away. She challenged Soma to come for her at the uppermost floor of the castle, then she, too, vanished.

Soon after, while wandering the halls of the Demon Guest House, Genya Arikado approached Soma. Soma wanted to know why the agent was at the cult's base instead of protecting Mina. Arikado assured him that Mina was under the protection of his colleagues, and that keeping Soma under observation was top priority. Soma was annoyed that Arikado persisted in treating him as though he was the Dark Lord. Arikado reminded Soma that he was considered extremely dangerous. At any rate, Arikado decided that he couldn't stop Soma from investigating the cult, and conceded that the fanatics couldn't continue on the way they were. Arikado handed Soma a talisman and a letter that Mina wanted him to have. Soma turned away from Arikado to read the letter, which stated:

Dear Soma,
If you're reading this, you've probably gone after that cult. I had a feeling you would when you disappeared after that incident. I know that you worry about me, Soma. But I worry just as much about you, too. I won't ask you to come back right away because you're way too stubborn. But please promise me that whatever happens, you'll come back unharmed. Oh, and don't forget about the talisman! I'm sure it'll come in handy. I'll be praying for you.
Always, Mina

After Soma read the letter, he briefed Arikado on the situation, who was a bit worried that Celia mentioned that she had a plan. Soma said that all he could do was keep climbing toward the top to confront her. Arikado decided to try to track down Dario, and the two separated.

Within the Condemned Tower, Soma found Julius standing at an odd portal. He asked the Belmont what he was doing there. Julius said there was a barrier that sealed it and something very bad was beyond. Julius went on to say the barrier was too strong to break through. He decided it would be best to contact Yoko and await help. Soma described what he had learned and seen in the castle, and Julius decided to join Arikado and hunt Dario.

Soma met Celia again in the Clock Tower. She taunted him for moving at such a slow pace. She let Soma know that Dario had grown stronger by fusing with a fire demon that she summoned. Suddenly Arikado and Julius appeared on the scene. Celia told all of them that there was nothing they could do. It was certain Dario would soon emerge as the new Dark Lord. With that said, she disappeared again. Arikado sensed a strong magical surge coming from the river, which he believed to be Dario. He told Julius to head that way while he went after Celia. Before departing, Julius told Soma to stay out of the matter.

Soma met up with Julius again in the Silenced Ruins. The older man was injured. He assured Soma that he was fine. Across from Julius was Dario, who mocked Julius for being weak. He told Soma that he planned on getting pay back for what happened in the Garden of Madness, but said it would have to wait since he wasn't at full power. Before leaving, he challenged Soma to follow him to the Top Floor. Julius warned him about Dario's power, which was especially great to Julius since he could not use magic seals like Soma. Soma asked Julius how he was able to defeat some of the monsters in the castle without the aid of magic seals. Julius only said he was able to destroy them before they could reconstitute, which surprised Soma due to the amount of power that would require. However, Julius did not know if that would work with Dario. Julius told Soma that he would be fine, and to continue after Dario.

Soma declaring that he would never lose to the likes of Dario.

Soma went to the Top Floor where he expected to put an end to the entire ordeal. There, he found Dario waiting. Despite Dario's brash attitude, Soma told him that his power was nothing if he didn't know how to use it, and that he would never lose to the candidate. Soma saw the fire demon in a reflection of a mirror that was in the room, and instead of focusing on defeating Dario, he destroyed the demon instead. Dario was surprised why he could no longer use his powers, and Soma clarified that he destroyed the demon that was fused with Dario, leaving him helpless. When Dario realized he had no power, he ran off and abandoned the cult.

After Dario left, Celia entered the room. She said that Soma was much more than she had thought. Soma was tired of chasing her, and wanted to stop the whole thing. Celia said there was more than one way to make a Dark Lord. Soma told her to finally give up, as there were no more candidates left. The priestess admitted that, but held that the game was not over yet, and she invited Soma to the center of the castle, telling him that there was something she wanted him to see. Afterward, she disappeared again.

Celia apparently about to sacrifice Mina.

Soma found Celia in the Garden of Madness. To his shock, he also found Mina tied to a strange tree like object. Celia told him to watch as she destroyed the life of his loved one. Celia shot a beam through Mina, killing her. Soma became enraged and began floating in the room while the dark power of chaos began forming and entering his body, as it had when he defeated Graham a year earlier. Celia encouraged him to hate her. She said the birth of the new Dark Lord was at hand, but then Genya Arikado entered the room and told Soma that wasn't the real Mina that had been killed. Arikado revealed that Celia had used a Doppelganger instead. The dark power stopped flowing into Soma, and he dropped to the ground in pain. Soma's power began streaming out of him and into the Mina Doppelganger, which turned into Dmitrii. Celia was surprised to see the candidate. Dmitrii was thankful for being able to escape, and revealed that he was able to loosen himself when Soma's emotions shifted. Celia thought he was dead. Dmitrii enlightened that he gambled on shedding his former body to enter Soma and copy the Power of Dominance. He was also lucky to find the Doppelganger, a suitable replacement for his body. He knew Arikado's true identity, as he scanned memories of Dracula's past lives while he was within Soma. He said that if Arikado made a move toward him, he would kill the weakened Soma. Soma asked why becoming the Dark Lord meant so much to Dmitrii, and the man reminded him that he wished to know what his power signified. He told Celia that he needed to gain dominance over more powerful demons to surpass Soma. She said that death was Soma's only destiny, and with that the two vanished.

Soma asked Arikado where he believed they were headed. The agent figured it was the basement of the Condemned Tower, where an unearthly energy emanated. He believed there was a portal to the dark side that powered the existence of the entire castle. Arikado told Soma to let him handle it, but Soma said that he must be the one to defeat Dmitrii, since they both had the same power. Arikado agreed, but told him to let Julius and himself go in first. Arikado left Soma and headed toward the Condemned Tower.

When Soma arrived at the barrier, Arikado and Julius were already there. Julius was saying that it was possible to break the barrier, but he couldn't guarantee he'd have any energy left to fight. Arikado said that without Julius' power, it would be impossible to get through. Julius broke the barrier but was very weak from the exertion. Arikado went through and Soma followed, while Julius convalesced.

Soma found Dmitrii and Arikado in the Abyss, a netherworld beyond the barrier. Aridado was kneeling on the floor, injured. Soma asked him what happened, and Dmitrii responded that Arikado had arrived too late. Arikado's power wasn't enough to overcome the power Dmitrii gained from the sacrifice. Soma looked up and saw Celia crucified and dead. Dmitrii confidently said that she always dreamed of seeing the Dark Lord and that she should be honored in helping him achieve that status, and for assisting in defeating Arikado.

As Soma was about to battle Dmitrii, the other man became unstable and got worse and worse. Arikado explained that his dominance wasn't the same as Soma's and that he could not contain the soul of the calamitous demon that he absorbed. Dmitrii was angry at Arikado's words and cast him out of the Abyss.

Arikado states that the struggle between good and evil was far from over.

Dmitrii fell to the ground and a massive demon appeared. The souls under his control fused as one to form the monstrosity known as Menace. Soma knew he had to destroy the creature, for letting it leave the Abyss would be disastrous.

After Soma killed the beast, all the souls Dmitrii absorbed went into him and he saw flashes of images in his head. Arikado suddenly appeared again and told Soma they needed to leave, as the entire castle was crumbling.

Outside the castle, Soma asked Arikado what the Dark Lord was. He confirmed what Celia had said; that the Dark Lord was an entity opposite of God. Soma said there was need for a Dark Lord. Arikado offered that perhaps there was, but there was no reason for Soma to become that person. The mysterious man reminded Soma that he's neither god nor a demon, just a human. Soma did not want to become the Dark Lord, and Arikado told him to stay true to that.

After their short discussion, they reunited with the others that had been in the castle. They all congratulated Soma. Mina was also there waiting. She began to sob and tell Soma that she was worried. When Soma told her not to cry, she lowered her hands and jokingly told him "Welcome back". The others playfully jested at their romantic involvement, and Mina and Soma told them all that they weren't like that.

Arikado said that if the world needed a Dark Lord, it would emerge.

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