his website offers information about the Castlevania series by way of news, reviews, strategies, music, games, official artwork, fan artwork, personal musings, character bios, game analysis, story information, and an interactive online community.
Its purpose is to entertain, inform, provide easy downloads of Castlevania content, and serve as a center for meeting like fans of Castlevania, and discussing the series.

It is maintained by fans, for fans, and is an up to date, organized database, which continues to grow. More information about Chapel of Resonance is found below.

About the Chapel -
A detailed history of the Chapel of Resonance, and an explanation as to how and why it came into being, all told by The Successor - the site's own creator.

Chapel Staff -
Thorough information about each person that works for this website as a Staff Member, and how to contact them.

Membership FAQ -
A FAQ detailing what being a member of Chapel of Resonance is about, what the benefits and guidelines are, and how to use membership features.

What is Castlevania -
An article to introduce and explain what Castlevania is to new fans of the series, or those who are curious.

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