1476 - Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse

athias Cronqvist, the most powerful of all vampires, changed his name to Vlad Tepes Dracula, and had amassed an incredible army of loyal monsters.
Based within a demonic fortress named Castlevania in the region of Transylvania, Count Dracula continued to curse God. However, Dracula ultimately turned his hatred to the human race, as well.

With his dark legions, Dracula launched an enormous attack against Valacia, devastating it. But he would not stop there -- Dracula had plans of plunging all of Europe into darkness.

This threat was answered in kind by the Eastern Orthodox Church, who retaliated with their army. The battles proved fruitless for the Church, so the Pope dispatched a Cleric named Sypha Belnades, who was apprenticing to become a Priest, to infiltrate Castlevania and slay Dracula himself.

Sypha was able to harness elemental powers through the usage of magical spell books, making him a powerful combatant.
During Sypha's quest, a rebellion had brewed in Valacia. Humans who refused to live under Dracula's merciless tyranny fought back. Nevertheless, the resisters' mere human strength was no match against Dracula's legions, and those who opposed him were dismembered, slaughtered, or turned into vile creatures.

The conditions seemed hopeless. Just like the armies the Church had sent out, Sypha was not heard from. Dracula's forces pushed, and no one was able to withstand their might.

It was at this time that the Pope sought out a member of the Belmont lineage.

For over 300 years, the Belmont Clan had taken on the task of hunting vampires and other creatures of the Night. The Vampire Killer whip was passed down through the generations as the Clan upheld their vow.

Yet, because of their great powers, society feared the Belmonts, and they were driven away to live as outcasts. By that time, the Belmont family had become nearly folkloric. Regardless, the Belmonts were possibly the last hope for humanity, thus the Pope searched in all directions until at last finding a longhaired youth named Trevor C. Belmont.

Though civilization had shunned his family, it was Trevor's obligation to slay all those who dwelled in darkness, and protect those whom demons preyed upon.
Like a tempest, Trevor raged through the Ruins of Valacia on his own, slaying Dracula's forces with the legendary Vampire Killer whip. This one man was able to accomplish what many could not.

Trevor made his way past the ruined village and scaled the Clocktower of Untimely Death, whereupon he battled an ogre-like guardian at the tower's peak. When the beast was defeated, it began forming into an ordinary man.

In truth, the monster was one of the freedom fighters from Valacia who'd been transformed. Grant DaNasty was his name, and he wanted to join Trevor in his hunt for Dracula. He sought vengeance against the dark warlord for cruelly slaying the people of his town.

Trevor accepted Grant's offer, and the two continued on towards Castle Dracula. Without prior notice, the bridge leading to the castle suddenly collapsed, forcing the duo to take a round about way through the woods in order to reach Castlevania.

While traversing the Mad Forest, Trevor and Grant were attacked by Dracula's Cyclops in a clearing abound with statues. After overcoming the brute, a bolt of lighting struck one of the statues, and a robed figure appeared where there was once stone.
It was Sypha Belnades, the Vampire Hunter whom the Pope had sent to slay Dracula. On his way towards the castle, he was defeated by the Cyclops and imprisoned as a statue. Sypha offered to lend his magical powers to Trevor's cause, to which Trevor accepted.

The three heroes' journey led them to a murky tomb like cave where an undead warrior resided. He was Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes, also called Alucard - the lost son of Count Dracula himself.

He had defied his father's wicked ways, and had no desire to assist him in the mass murder of the humans. Though Alucard did not want to fight against his own father, he could not allow this genocide to continue any further.
But he knew that by himself, he was no match for Dracula, so he sought a worthy comrade to help overthrow his father. Alucard proposed to become one of Trevor's allies, and was welcomed into the group of heroes.

Together, the four of them pressed forward, enduring across the decaying landscape, and finally entering Castlevania. Many challenges awaited them, and they triumphed over them all; including Dracula's most trusted servant - Death.

They worked their way to the throne, and confronted Dracula, the King of the Night. After an epic battle, the unexpected happened. . .

Count Dracula was lastly defeated!

For the first time in hundreds of years the mighty vampire fell, and his legions of monsters and castle with him. In an unforeseen turn, the forces of darkness had lost the war and Castlevania lay in ruins.

Sypha removed the hood from a cloak to be revealed as a beautiful, golden haired woman. Like so many others in that Dark Age, she had a difficult life. She had lost her parents when she was young, and her town of Valacia was crushed in the war. After the victory, she opened up to Trevor and exposed her true self. Eventually, she took Trevor's hand in marriage.

Alucard, disheartened from having helped exterminate his own father, and recognizing his bloodline was a grave threat to humanity, submerged himself in an eternal slumber.

Grant went on to assist in rebuilding the lands that were destroyed from the war.

From that moment forward, the Belmont Clan was glorified and honored as saviors to humanity.

Though the end of the war brought forth a truly joyous occasion, Dracula had not passed from the world in silence. Despite that he was at last gone, Dracula had ensured his revenge against humankind by invoking a powerful curse.

Like a dark cloud, Dracula's Curse loomed over Europe and brought pain and misery to its people.

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