1698 - Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

even years after legendary hero, Simon Belmont, bested Dracula at the peak of his power, Transylvania still lay in darkness. Much like he had done when defeated by Trevor Belmont, Dracula cast a dark pall over humanity by invoking a prevailing curse that plagued Europe.
The land was poisoned, monsters had free reign over entire territories, and some of the people were being driven mad.

To make matters worse, Simon was still crippled by his battle with the Count. His wounds refused to heal, and it was inevitable that they'd eventually claim him unless he could somehow rid himself of the pain.

While at the Belmont family resting ground, Simon was pondering his own life as it decayed, slowly but surely. Suddenly, a beautiful maiden appeared to him, shrouded by the gentle mist of morning.

She spoke to Simon, saying:

'Your life has been taken over by an evil curse. Right now you're in danger.

However, within your own heart, you might be able to defeat the evil if you wager your life and stand up with courage, with the power granted to you by God.

You must return to the source of your curse, the one who placed it on you years ago.

You must resurrect Dracula.

Finding Dracula's immortal body and destroying it won't be simple. Dracula's body was demolished when you defeated him seven years ago and now you must bring him back. His body has been split into five different parts located above ground.
You must bring Dracula's body parts to his stronghold, Castle Dracula, and seal him in. And with the seal, you might be able to put an end to his legacy. And you will recover from the curse placed on your back's wound.'

With those words, the beauty vanished, pointing Simon in the right direction in order to save not only his life, but also the life of Transylvania.

Simon initiated his quest in the town of Jova, where he traded relics and learned knowledge about Dracula's Curse. Traveling through Transylvania in that day and age was a perilous thing, an ill prepared voyager may easily fall prey to the monsters that roamed the countryside.

Simon learned that Dracula's loyal monsters heavily guarded the remnants of his body in mansions spread across the land. The Vampire Hunter would have to raid each mansion for the macabre treasures he sought.

Forward Simon went, striding past haunted woods, poisoned marshes, rivers and lakes ridden with lagoon creatures, and towns overrun by monsters, to the mansions of Berkley, Rover, Laruba, Bodley, and Brahm. Simon overcame the booby traps, monsters, and puzzles that confronted him within each mansion, and obtained five body parts of Count Dracula.

A rib, a nail, a heart, a ring, and an eyeball.

With each piece, he set off toward his final destination: the ruins of Castlevania.
There he'd burn the remains, bring the Count back to the world of the living, destroy him again, and thus banish his curse from the land and from himself.

Within the lower reaches of the shattered castle, Simon set fire to the remains, and Dracula appeared in a wraithlike state.
The two weakened figures of Simon and Dracula engaged in their final battle, and once again, the Hunter overcame the vampire.

With Dracula destroyed, Simon's painful curse left him, and Transylvania was at last set free from Dracula's poisonous grip.
The hordes of monsters roaming the landscape retreated, and the people rejoiced.

It was a truly painful journey for Simon, having to trek across the land as his own body withered due to the Curse, but he had triumphed once again. Even so, he knew that Dracula would return to plunge Transylvania into darkness.
But both Dracula and Simon knew that a Belmont would be there to face him.

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