1691 - Castlevania

y the late 17th century, Transylvania had long been associated with the legend of Dracula. The tale foretold that the dark vampire would resurrect every one hundred years when the power of Christ weakened, and mankind sought chaos and destruction.

A century earlier, Dracula had resurrected, and the entire world was overwhelmed with darkness. Out of the gloom, a hero appeared. Christopher Belmont fought and defeated Dracula, thus restoring peace to the land. For generations, the Belmont family was revered as saviors to the people.

One Easter night in a Transylvanian village, the people were celebrating the resurrection of Christ with a grand carnival.
On the outskirts of the village, pagans whose hearts yearned for ruination were holding a black mass ritual. They had obtained the remnants of Count Dracula and sacrilegiously spilled human blood upon the corpse.

Lightning enveloped the monastery. At that dark moment, Count Dracula was reborn into the world. His castle reemerged and his followers gathered to form a destructive throng once again.

A young Belmont named Simon took the legendary Vampire Killer whip that he had received from his father and bravely pushed toward the castle. The legends cited Dracula growing stronger with every rebirth, but that did not deter Simon from his task.

Simon braved the vampire's estate, making his way passed Dracula's most powerful minions until he ascended the castle's peak and stood face to face with his immortal foe.
It was a fierce battle, but the Belmont stood as the victor. For another hundred years, Simon put Dracula back to sleep, though he did not leave the encounter unscathed.

Dracula had dealt a crushing blow to Simon, resulting in a terrible back injury for the young vampire hunter. Despite that harsh setback, news of Simon's victory spread across Europe, and he was honored as the greatest of all Vampire Hunters.

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