1591 - Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge

hristopher Belmont thought he had destroyed Count Dracula, but the resourceful vampire escaped by transforming into a cloud of mist. Though he survived, Dracula suffered devastating consequences from his defeat.
He was greatly weakened; his remaining power was used to morph into the fog. Dracula did not have enough energy to change back into his normal form.

In this destabilized state, the Dark Lord waited and waited. Fifteen years after Dracula's defeat, Solieyu Belmont, son of Christopher, was celebrating his passage into manhood at a Transylvanian village. He had come of age and earned the title of Vampire Hunter.
With the combined might of Christopher and Solieyu, the inhabitants of Transylvania were certain that their peace would be long lasting.

What the people did not anticipate was Solieyu's disappearance the day after the celebration. That same night, with a thunderous roar, four castles arose suddenly. Doubting it to be mere coincidence that the castles appeared when his son vanished, Christopher set off to investigate.

The Vampire Hunter stormed each stronghold: a Crystal Castle, a Rock Castle, a Cloud Castle, and a Plant Castle. He faced and defeated their guardians. When Christopher had triumphed over each castle, a familiar, yet unpleasant sight appeared.

Castlevania had returned, beckoning Christopher, who answered its call by raiding its grounds.

There he found Solieyu, who had changed. He was somehow evil, and he challenged Christopher to a death duel.
The older Vampire Hunter defeated his son, and it came to light that the Count placed Solieyu under a curse. Dracula's plan was to use Solieyu's powers to restore his flesh and his castle.

The Count waited ahead, and Christopher was prepared to face his old foe like he had 15 years earlier. In an amazing battle, Dracula was unquestionably destroyed. Christopher had defeated him again, and he escaped Castlevania and observed the ruins of the once prominent fortress upon a cliff with his once lost son.

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