1576 - Castlevania: The Adventure

ransylvania had been blessed with years of peace, but in the late 16th century, something terrible would happen.
Count Dracula, who had been defeated 100 years prior at the hands of Trevor Belmont, was resurrected. At this time, a dreadful cycle became manifest. Even though Dracula may be slain, it was promised that he would return at least once every 100 years to wreak terror across the land.

With the Count's rebirth came his legendary castle and hordes of monsters. Fortunately for the inhabitants of Europe, the Belmont bloodline was continuing ever so strongly. An able warrior by the name of Christopher Belmont rose up to destroy Dracula like his ancestor Trevor had done.

With the Vampire Killer whip, Christopher voyaged through a graveyard, dark cavern, and a perilous expanse ridden with deadly traps until he finally came upon Castlevania. Within the Lord's unholy chamber, Christopher challenged Dracula and emerged victorious.

The Vampire Slayer escaped the crumbling castle before it could claim him, and stood above all past challenges lying in defeat.

In reality, Dracula had faked his death.
Christopher was confident he'd destroyed the Count, but Dracula morphed into mist, feigning destruction. In bat form, the vampire escaped the rubble of his once prominent fortress.

Dracula plotted revenge against the Belmont Clan. Though he would wait in silence for many years, once the time was right, the Count would strike!

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