he eras spanning Castlevania story is chiefly set in the antiquated province of Transylvania, a land brimming with lore of vampires and various denizens of the Night. In later years, many of these legends will be thought to be nothing more than superstitious wives' tales, but there is indeed truth in them.

Battles determining the fate of the world have been fought in Transylvania between Count Dracula, the King of the Night, and the Belmont Clan, a family whose purpose is slaying the Count and preventing the world from falling under his darkness.

From generation to generation, the Belmont family upholds their sacred tradition of teaching their predecessors the skills and knowledge needed to withstand the forces of darkness, ensuring the world has an able protector.

The stories of the Belmonts and other adventurers that have dared to brave Castlevania, the estate of Count Dracula, are chronicled here.

Do take a look into the rich history of Demon Castle Dracula.

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