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astlevania is a massive series. To analyze the games with the level of care and detail the Chapel is known for is a monumental task. Peklo was promoted to Chapel Staff because of his steadfast ability at covering video game information, easing the The Successor's load. It is an honor not many are trusted with, due to the Chapel's interest in consistent quality.

Being a ferocious fan of vintage 2-D gaming (and a rather young one at that), Peklo's strongest feelings are toward the older Castlevania installments. He works at covering information about what some call "Classicvanias". Stage information, item info, boss strategies… you name it, Peklo investigates it.

The Chapel of Resonance is Peklo's outlet for expressing his immense love for Castlevania, and doing his part in the preservation and honoring of classic video games – both legendary and obscure.

What drew you to Castlevania? What made you become a big fan of it?

I guess it was the music. It oozed out of every fiber of its being. It's still the one thing I tend to enjoy most in the series.

Around what year did you become a big Castlevania fan?

2002, when I bought Circle of the Moon on a whim. I had previous experience with the series, but nothing that had set the wheels in motion, so to speak.

When and how did you discover the Chapel of Resonance, and what made you want to keep coming back to it?

I found the Chapel in late 2006, through a Google search. Diplo's Symphony of the Night Unreview was the first thing I read on the site and that was what essentially hooked me. I took to the uniqueness of the place, and the quality of the writing.

What made you want to write for the Chapel of Resonance?

I thought Castlevania had the best fansites on the net, even before I discovered the Chapel. I had wanted to somehow express my adoration for the series before, but the sites I treasured weren't the right choice for that, since they were so firmly established in their own thing and I felt I shouldn't, or couldn't, get involved, even though I had enormous respect for them.

Chapel was different, because it was fairly new, so I thought the audience was more receiving, and because I just felt it was the best place to put effort of my own into, especially after the forum opened, and I got to know the staff and the soon-to-be faithful userbase.

What made you want to lend a hand with forum moderating duties?

The moderating predates the time before the Anti-Chapel opened, when there was a search for a moderator for the new forum. That's what I considered applying for, but decided not to in the end. So yeah, I thought I could do it, unquestionably. I'm always telling people to enforce the rules even if they're not part of moderation themselves, because I like for things to be kept in order.

I initially joined the forum because Castlevania is something I want to discuss most of all when I'm on the net, and Chapel was the perfect place for it, as I had seen from the site's content. It was also exciting that I could be there to witness and be part of something new, and potentially thriving. I was correct with that assumption.

What are your top 5 favorite Castlevania games in order?

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

Super Castlevania IV

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

Do you have any hobbies outside of video gaming?

Umm. Drawing, music, reading, '80s culture, etc.

What other video games or video game series do you enjoy besides Castlevania?

Mega Man, Metroid, God Hand, Cave Story, Contra, Gradius, R-Type, Darius, Devil May Cry... that kind of thing.

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