Alis Landale

Forum Curator

he second in command over the Chapel of Resonance.
Alis Landale's dedication to the Chapel is inspiring. When assigned a project, she puts her whole heart into it. Since the Anti-Chapel Forum launched in the summer of 2007, Alis has been raising it with painstaking care, as if it were her own child. She has brought it from nothing and fashioned it into a reputable, active, and friendly community.

Her impressive leadership abilities and honorable behavior make her the ideal person to oversee and attend to the Chapel's forum, ensuring that it is the best environment in the world to discuss all things Castlevania. Kind, enthusiastic, optimistic, approachable, patient, fair – these adjectives come to mind when thinking of Alis Landale. Her compassionate personality draws others to her, and her soothing nature calms the most tumultuous arguments.

What drew you to Castlevania? What made you become a big fan of it?

Seeing Ayami Kojima's art in video game magazines was the first step. It instantly caught my attention, so I eventually bought Aria of Sorrow. I couldn't get enough after I beat it, so I looked for other Castlevania games to play.
The first Castlevania I remember seeing was Bloodlines a long time ago, but it did not have a big affect on me. Aria of Sorrow had the art, story, and gameplay that captivated me.

Around what year did you become a big Castlevania fan?

Oh… late 2005.

When and how did you discover the Chapel of Resonance, and what made you want to keep coming back to it?

I found it in some search that I did in Google. The first thing I noticed was how pretty the site looked. It was unique and readable. Most Castlevania websites I've seen have a very dark theme, and I get a headache if I read a lot of text on a black background. On sites like those, I often use my mouse to highlight the text in order to read it comfortably. I also enjoyed reading the content on the Chapel. It was thorough, thought out well, and neatly organized. I found Chapel of Resonance in 2006 sometime.

What made you want to become a moderator at the Anti-Chapel Forum?

I don't mean to sound rude, but I disliked most Castlevania forums. They were generally hostile and stubborn, in my opinion. Whenever I lurked them, I always saw people bickering and insulting each other over dumb things, and it would go on forever without anyone stopping it. I kept thinking to myself that if I was a mod, it would be different. I noticed the Chapel looking for a moderator and felt it was my chance to help shape the type of community I would like. I did not expect to be chosen, but here I am!

What are your methods when it comes to moderating, and what is the secret to the Anti-Chapel's success?

Well, I could go on about this.
Being kind and interested in the members is the first thing. Whenever I see a new member post for the first time, I try to welcome them to show that I'm grateful for having them, and that I notice they're there. I've seen forums treat their new members like they're invisible. If people do not feel wanted, they probably will not want to return, and I always get bored of forums that never get any new people. I don't find it difficult to be friendly to others, so I take the initiative and try to make everyone feel at home.

I also do not show favoritism. You can have 3 posts or 3,000; it does not matter to me when it concerns enforcing the rules.

Leading by example is another important point. The people in charge can set the tone of the entire forum. If you want a friendly forum, you should be friendly to your members. If you want an active forum, you should participate often in discussions and start topics yourself. If you don't want cliques to appear, you treat your new members with respect and acknowledge their posts.

Setting examples is very important. When we first had the forum, I was the only one who would welcome new members. As the members saw me do it, they eventually started, too. Now, it is like our tradition to welcome a newcomer, even if they don't post in our welcome topic, or offer any introduction themselves.

Patience, hard work, common sense, care, and a good advertising plan are the main ingredients for starting a successful forum. A main site to connect it to helps tons. Before the Anti-Chapel was complete, I did a lot of research on how to have a successful forum, and I'm so glad that I did. Much of what I learned was common sense stuff I knew on my own, but I also learned many useful techniques I did not know, and created some of my own along the way. Sorry, I'm not going to reveal all of my secrets ~__^
I am really happy to see the forum grow and mature. There's never a dull moment there. Seriously.

What are your top 5 favorite Castlevania games in order?

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

Do you have any hobbies outside of video gaming?

Yes. Gardening, bike riding, sewing, shoujo manga, anime, shopping, and learning different languages.

What other video games or video game series do you enjoy besides Castlevania?

Phantasy Star, Etrian Odyssey, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Golden Sun, Phoenix Wright, Fatal Frame, Super Smash Bros., others.

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