Super Castlevania IV Music Rips

onami released a collection including the music for Super Castlevania IV on the SNES, but Serio (also known as Seriously Awesome) was disappointed with how some of it came out. Namely, how sound effects were included in some of the music tracks. As such, he has provided very high quality rips for each track from the game. A traditional review for this music can be found on the Akumajo Dracula Best: Volume 2 page.

Download complete package!

Demon Castle Dracula

Dracula's Theme


Theme of Simon Belmont

Forest of Monsters

The Cave

The Waterfalls

The Submerged City

Clockwork Mansion

Spinning Tale

Boss 1

Stage Clear

Map A

In the Castle

Entrance Hall


Pillared Corridor


Map B

Treasury Room

Boss 2

Map C

Bloody Tears

Map D

Vampire Killer


Room of Close Associates

Dracula Battle

Dracula Death


Secret Room

Game Over


The Castle's Gate

Prayer Miss

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