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Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness Music Rips | chapelofresonance.com

Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness Music Rips

onami never released an OST for Legacy of Darkness, so Serio has taken it upon himself to rip the music from the game. The quality is very high on all of the tracks. Traditional reviews are reserved for official Konami original soundtrack releases, so with no further adieu. . .

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Introduction - Bloodlines



Introduction (Part 1)

Introduction (Part 2)

Introduction (Part 3)

Introduction (Part 4)


The Oarsman

Foggy Lake

The Claw

The Ship is Sinking

The Ship Goes Down

Foggy Lake B

Water Dragon

Forest of Silence

Skeletons Awake


Skeleton Ape


Enter Watchtower


Castle Wall

Bone Dragon

Dracula's Servant

Exit Watchtower

Cerberus I

Cerberus II

Cerberus III


First Vampire


Master Oldrey

Charlie Vincent

Hamlet People (Part 1)

Hamlet People (Part 2)

Hamlet People (Part 3)



Maze Garden A

Henry's Escape


Rescue Attempt

Maze Garden B

Cornell Meets Actice

Mysterious Coffin

First Struggle

Female Victim Rises

Found a Secret Path

The Outer Wall


Art Tower

Tower of Ruin

Underground Tunnel

Spider Woman

Spider Woman Queen - Arachne

Lamented Rose

Underground Waterway



Castle Center


Malus Reappears (Part 1)

Malus Reappears (Part 2)


Unexpected Encounter

Rosa's Defeat


Sypha's Defeat (Part 1)

Sypha's Defeat (Part 2)

Duel Tower

The Werewolf

Tower of Science

Security Crystal

Tower of Execution

Tower of Sorcery

Showdown With Ortega

Ortega's Defeat

Showdown With Death

Second Struggle

Death's Defeat

Showdown With Actrice

Actrice's Defeat



Death Steals Ada

Castle Keep

Last Meeting With Renon'

Renon's Transformation

Vampire Vincent

Dracula's Coffin (Part 1)

Dracula's Coffin (Part 2)

Showdown With Dracula

Ultimate Dracula

Ultimate Dracula (Part 2)

Dracula's Coffin A

Dracula's Coffin B

Third Struggle

Dracula's Servant Defeat

Moment of Silence

Castle Escape

Malus and the Unicorn

Dracula's True Form

Dracula's Defeat (Part 1)

Dracula's Defeat (Part 2)

Dracula's True Form B

Fouth Struggle

Drago's Defeat

Bad Ending

Schneider's Good Ending - Part 1

Schneider's Good Ending - Part 2

Carrie's Good Ending - Part 1

Carrie's Good Ending - Part 2

Cornell's Good Ending - Part 1

Cornell's Good Ending - Part 2

Cornell's Good Ending - Part 3


Legacy of Darkness - Part 1

Legacy of Darkness - Part 2

Game Over


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