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Disc 1

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126 MB

Track Length File Size
1. Requiem 1:29 2.25 MB
2. LOADING 3:44 6.75 MB
3. Demon Seed 3:07 5.84 MB
4. Divine Bloodlines 3:13 6.85 MB
5. Vampire Killer 4:32 8.14 MB
6. Cross Fear 2:37 4.85 MB
7. Bloody Tears 1:31 2.94 MB
8. Cemetery 3:15 5.72 MB
9. Dreams of Triumph 3:04 5.85 MB
10. Slash 2:24 4.55 MB
11. Ghost Ship Painting 2:37 4.94 MB
12. Red Dawn 2:53 5.39 MB
13. Former Room 1:33 2.97 MB
14. Tues Deus Meus (in manibus tuis) 2:03 3.95 MB
15. Stage Clear 0:09 205 KB
16. Demo Scene 1 2:15 3.65 MB
17. Demo Scene 3 2:17 3.68 MB
18. Moon Fight 2:31 4.74 MB
19. Poison Mind 1:34 2.89 MB
20. Demo Scene 2 3:41 6.98 MB
21. Dance of Illusions 3:18 6.05 MB
22. All Clear 0:08 1.98 MB
23. Daybreak 4:09 712 KB
24. Player Out 0:06 124 KB
25. Game Over 0:09 199 KB
26. Beginning (Crystal ver.) 2:05 3.85 MB
27. Cemetery (Alternate ver.) 2:17 3.91 MB
28. Divine Bloodline (Airwave Ver.) 4:02 7.26 MB
29. Vampire Killer (Alternate ver.) 3:32 5.76 MB

astlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles OST, for the most part, is a giant arrange album based on the music of Rondo of Blood. As such, this collection has pretty big shoes to fill. From a critical standpoint, there are three types of tracks: those that come out superior to their Rondo counterparts, those that are worse, and those that are not necessarily better or worse, but different takes on the same songs.

Most of the tracks are of the third kind. A different feeling is brought forth, and it isn't inevitably bad.
"Cross Fear", once grooving and cool, takes on a faster pace and adventurous flair. Though its dance vibe has been discarded, it remains vibrant and dynamic. Crisp strings contribute to a heroic, ambitious feeling.
It is pleasurably faithful to the original while being very different. One element this OST uses that Rondo hardly relied on is epic orchestral strings and choirs.

"Tues Deus Meus (in manibus tuis)" is much more powerful than its counterpart, "Dancing in Phantasmic Hell". The grand choir added to this version gives it a larger-than-life sound and vigor that is lacking in the original. The notes sung by the choir are backed by strings playing parallel notes, and steady drumming keeps the pulse strong. This one is a definite step up from the Rondo version.

When talking of epic choirs, it would be a crime not to mention "Daybreak". It is one of the most impressive ending themes Castlevania has ever had, and displays much more feeling than Rondo's "March of the Holy Men", escalating it to heights no one thought it could go. The choir, horns, drums, bells, strings, piano; there isn't a single moment that isn't grand. This is how all of the remixes should have been handled. Not in style, but intent. A familiar song has been brought up to pure, unforeseen excellence. Truly amazing.

Tracks like "Cross Fear" and "Teus Dues Meus" have been restructured to have a more customary Castlevania sound. However, DXC is not afraid to spice things up with a very different flavor all its own.

Of these more eccentric tracks is "Slash", the song mistakenly labeled "Opus 13" on Rondo of Blood's OST. It now has a Latin style, highlighted by Spanish guitar. It takes on a completely different feeling from the action oriented and dire sound Rondo players are familiar with. In contrast with the former, this one is quite relaxing, yet remains animated and brisk.

More "chill-out" tunes include "Ghost Ship Painting". It's tranquil, utilizing a clean guitar with woodwinds and soft strings providing background accompaniment alongside the pitter patter of gentle drums. It trades the zest of the original with restfulness, and sounds almost tropical, in a mysterious way.

A few unanticipated delicacies continue the easy going theme. The "Load BGM" from Akumajo Dracula X68000 makes a return with a care free atmospheric sound thanks to the serene woodwinds, expansive synth, and mellow bass. The drums are mixed great and have a feeling as if you were hearing them live.

In the same vein is "Demon Seed", originally from Castlevania III. This sort of fusion of atmospheric Electronica and Jazz is different for Castlevania, but welcome. Such choice picks give hope of hearing some forgotten themes from the Gameboy Castlevania games remixed.

Don't think this album to be nothing more than something to simmer down to. "Divine Bloodline" has much more energy than the Rondo version. It's edgier, faster, and more active. Effortless fluency, precision, and grace of "Opposing Bloodlines" are replaced with action and gusto. There's more of a Rock band feeling, accentuated by active drums, bass, and guitars. This is the best remix this tune has gotten, aside from the Super Nintendo rendition.

Many fans have been aroused by "Dreams of Triumph", a remix of "Beginning" with tasteless guitar riffs and very cheesy tone. There are strings that don't quite mingle that well with the Rock attributes.

Aside from "Divine Bloodline", the Rock performances on this album are bland, and nothing compared to the soaring and moody compositions boasted by Curse of Darkness. In the Rock category lays "Bloody Tears". This performance is a crying shame after Rondo's spectacular rendition of this famous tune. DXC selects an awfully annoying synth for the lead, and not much else is notable aside from an unsavory guitar brought down by uninspiring tone, and a droning riff. Its very generic distortion is dull to the point of being unpleasant. The whole track cannot hold a candle to its predecessor.

Big shoes to fill, indeed. When Rondo lays down one of the best versions of "Bloody Tears", it is dispiriting when this is what DXC has to offer. Why remake something if you're only going to do it worse?

Conversely, the new version of "Cemetery" is quite striking. The constant drum beat that is the spine of the last one has been ditched, and the pace slowed. Weighty strings make for a somber mood, and the plucking of a harp and chimes of light bells add a hint of mystery. Very effective and fitting for the graveyard it plays at, and bestowing the collection with a reflective and ruminative track.

Disc 2

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92.3 MB

Track Length File Size
1. Overture 1:05 1.88 MB
2. Requiem 1:38 2.46 MB
3. Bloodlines 3:00 5.32 KB
4. Vampire Killer 1:45 3.20 MB
5. Cross a Fear 2:42 4.83 MB
6. Bloody Tears 1:43 3.24 MB
7. Cemetery 2:32 4.40 MB
8. Beginning 2:29 4.45 MB
9. Slash 3:41 6.60 MB
10. Picture of a Ghost Ship 2:27 4.47 MB
11. Op. 13 1:25 2.52 KB
12. Former Room 1:28 1.56 MB
13. Dancing in Phantasmic Hell 1:31 2.58 MB
14. Stage Clear 0:07 133 KB
15. Den 3:17 5.67 MB
16. Poison Mind 0:21 379 KB
17. Illusionary Dance 1:44 3.09 MB
18. All Clear 0:06 95 KB
19. March of the Holy Man 1:55 3.29 MB
20. Maria Samba 1:52 3.31 MB
21. Player Out 0:4 48 KB
22. Game Over 0:08 111 KB
23. Nocturne 2:21 3.73 MB
24. Serenade of Sympathy 4:40 8.16 MB
25. Cross Your Heart 3:00 5.40 MB
26. Op. 13 (Alternate ver.) 2:45 4.86 MB
27. Cavern of Dark Spawn 3:24 6.85 MB

"Former Room" has been transformed into a powerful and chilling piece. Quivering strings and commanding snare drumming and symbols make this a high impact track that builds suspense and anxiety.

"Demo Scene 1" is a beautiful and calm piece, full of emotion and one of the more pleasant tracks to listen to. The piano playing is spectacular, as is the mixing and production. The whole thing is lovely and soothing, and the humble unsung hero of the package. It's too bad that the original Rondo of Blood version of this music isn't included in this collection.

With all of the talk of Rondo of Blood, it needs to be mentioned that its soundtrack has thoughtfully been included and happy day for that!
Dismiss your old Rondo of Blood OST, this one is vastly superior. The equalization is far better and it includes tracks that the dated set left out. This collection earns serious bonus points for offering fans an enhanced version of the Rondo OST. Seriously, the other one sucks in comparison, sounding weak and too quiet.

The second disc comes with its share of bonuses, which include an English vocal of the relaxing track "Nocturne" from the Nocturne in the Moonlight OST. There's nothing to complain about. The song retains its integrity and feeling when transferred over to a different language, and the singing is equally as nice.

There's an arrange version of "Op. 13" which is. . . well, not nearly as good as the original, but it's nice that it did get remixed, since its role was taken by the less impressive (but orchestral!) "Red Dawn" for the remake.

Because over ten years after Symphony of the Night, the developers were embarrassed by some things they included in the game, they discarded the theme "I Am the Wind" as the ending piece, and Michiru Yamane crafted a new epic in "Serenade of Sympathy". It is exceedingly beautiful, and if there is anything that proves that the old (young) gal still has it, it is this. As small thinking as it sounds, there isn't any way it could be better. It serves its purpose, and accomplishes what it sets out to with the utmost excellence.

If you thought Rondo's music was weird and too colorful, you will most likely be more pleased with the new content presented here.

If you enjoyed Rondo's music and it is something dear to your heart, then you will probably not like this as much. It is more domesticated and expected than Rondo's, and as such, far less special and affecting.

Unless you're an avid collector of Castlevania OST's, this is only really worth picking up if you don't have the Rondo of Blood OST, but it's worth downloading for anyone. As far as game OST's go, there are much better, and this will probably not make a very large splash in the grand scheme of things, but it's a nice addition when you're in the mood, and there are some very wonderful standout tracks.


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