Linnavaanijat, home to our Finnish friends and the first Finnish Castlevania website. Featured here is extensive information about the series as a whole, some of the most in-depth Castlevania character profiles to be found anywhere, and a message board. Stop by for a visit.

Tower of Mist

Tower of Mist is a collection of mini-shrines and fan listings, some of which are Castlevania themed. My personal favorite is the cool Dracula's Curse shrine that is hosted there. It has a really nostalgic feeling to it without being an eyesore. Be sure to visit.

Vampire Killer

Vampire Killer is justly known for having the best Castlevania gallery on the internet. All images are scanned from their own collection and quite a few rare treasures are featured. Any and all Ayami Kojima fans should check this site out.

Dracula's Curse THE PAGE!!!

Dracula's Curse the page is managed by Eric Roman, a very talented and creative Flash designer and webmaster. This is one of the oldest Castlevania sites that is still on the internet. It has a nostalgic interface and a lot of fun information and trivia about Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, as well as other games. It's great that treasures like this are still being taken care of and are available for us to enjoy today.


A really cool fansite focusing on Lament of Innocence, and the vampiric lunatic, Joachim Armster. Go visit, learn and ponder about this mysterious character in Castlevania history.

Castlevania Wiki

This is a wiki dedicated to the Castlevania series. It is open to contributions from fans, so feel free to make additions to the project.

Castlevania Homebrew Images

This is Efin's repository of Castlevania images that can be used for fan games. Here you will find rips of all sorts of things, such as character and enemy sprites, backgrounds, and other miscellaneous objects. Everything is well organized, and there is a unique element to this site that allows you to upload images you may have ripped yourself. If you're a homebrewer, this place is sure to be of help, and if you're not, there're still many images that you may be interested in grabbing a hold of to use for whatever you fancy.

The Moonlit Path

Make sure you pay a visit to Lady A's (A stands for Alucard) fun website about Castlevania. It is geared mostly towards Symphony of the Night and Curse of Darkness, and there are some pretty neat trinkets, such as voice samples, videos, and information about some of the characters.

This is Akira Rodhernan's personal site and a hub that leads to many of her other online endeavors, including different Castlevania sites that feature her art and other information about the series. It is definitely worth a gander.

Castlevania Catacombs

This site doesn't appear to be updated anymore, but it houses some interesting information, especially about the lore behind many of the series' creatures.

If you're interested in affiliating with us, you're very welcome to leave e-mail with me about your site. The conditions for becoming an affiliate are having a site that has to do with Castlevania or something related to it (video games, vampires, or such), and having a site that does not slander individuals or sites, constantly bash individuals or sites without warrant, steal content, distribute some sort of virus or spyware, or go about treating people or handling situations in a generally unethical or corrupt manner. My e-mail address is

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