Super Castlevania IV

uper Castlevania IV, known as Akumajo Dracula in Japan, is the first of two Castlevania games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is one of several games that retell the story of Simon Belmont's first battle with Count Dracula, which was originally shown in Castlevania, for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Though it tells the same story, it is a completely different game than Castlevania, featuring different stages, controls, enemies, abilities, and original music.

Due to censorship, there are several differences between the North American/European version and the Japanese. In stage 8 of the Japanese version, there are pools of blood that flow within dungeon caverns. The red blood was edited into a green hue for the other releases, thereby changing it from blood to an acidic liquid. Stage 6 of the Japanese version showcases topless statuettes of women. In the other versions, they have been given tunicas that cover their breasts. There is also a different font for the HUD at the top of the screen while playing, and crosses atop of tombstones have been removed to avoid religious implications.

Super Castlevania IV was released in Japan on October 31st, 1991, in North America in December of 1991, and Novemeber 23rd, 1991 in Europe. It was re-released on Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console in December of 2006.

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