Haunted Castle

aunted Castle is the first exclusive arcade game in the Castlevania series. It is the fourth title in the series, and was released in 1988. In Japan, it shares the same title as Castlevania and Vampire Killer, going by Akumajo Dracula. It also tells the same story as those two games. Simon Belmont takes his ancestral whip and ventures into Dracula's Castle to slay its Lord. However, it adds a very notable twist. This time, Simon Belmont is a newlywed and Dracula kidnaps his bride right after the wedding celebration. Simon's motivation for going after Dracula is to save his wife.

Haunted Castle plays very similarly to the original Castlevania game, featuring six different stages to play through, and an assortment of sub-weapons that consume hearts upon use. An interesting variation is that when the primary weapon is powered up to its maximum level, it is not a long chain whip, but a sword.

There are four versions of Haunted Castle, each varying in difficulty level. The more difficult U.S. versions are labeled as M and K, and the Japanese versions are N and P. Haunted Castle was re-released exclusively in Japan in May of 2006 by Japanese publisher Hamster as part of the Oretachi Game Center Zoku series.

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