Castlevania: Dracula X

astlevania: Dracula X is the second and final Castlevania title released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It first appeared in Japan on July 23, 1995 as Demon Castle Dracula XX, then in North America in September of the same year. It arrived in Europe in 1996 as Castlevania: Vampire's Kiss, on February 22.

Dracula X is based on the PC Engine Super CD game Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. The PC Engine's company, NEC, and Konami clashed when the latter wanted to make a direct port of Rondo of Blood to the Super Nintendo. As a result, Konami made a remix title based on Rondo. It shares much of the same graphics, enemies, abilities, and music compositions, but aside from those, Dracula X is a wholly different game. Though stages often hearken back to Rondo of Blood in theme, their layouts are completely dissimilar, and many other elements of Rondo have been removed, such as having Maria Renard as a playable character and the network of diverging paths within stages.

The storyline is similar, but not quite the same as Rondo of Blood's. The Dark Priest Shaft, who was chiefly responsible for resurrecting Dracula in Rondo, has been completely omitted. Annette, Richter Belmont's love interest, has become Maria Renard's older sister in the English version, and is turned into a servant of Dracula if the player does not rescue her. Maria shows no signs of aspiring to be a vampire hunter as she did in Rondo of Blood, and the maidens Iris and Tera are absent.

Due to the cartridge's lack of Redbook audio, the music has been arranged with different synths. There are also some compositional divergences and original pieces. There aren't many differences between the regional releases, but one notable one is the censorship of Richter Belmont's bloody death animation for the North American and Europe versions.

Despite different opportunities for such -- for example, the Dracula X Chronicles package on the Playstation Portable -- Dracula X has not been released in any form other than its Super Nintendo cartridge.

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