Castlevania Chronicles

kumajo Dracula was initially released in 1993 as a Japanese exclusive for the Sharp X68000 home computer on July 23, 1993. In 2001, it was ported to the Sony Playstation to make it accessible to North Americans and Europeans. This re-release, called Castlevania Chronicles, features an enhanced version of the original game with new art from Ayami Kojima and an arrangement of the original musical score by Sota Fujimori. The character sprites for the protagonist, Simon Belmont, and his arch nemesis, Count Dracula, were changed in the newer version to reflect the look of Kojima's art. The original X68000 game is also playable and left intact with very minor differences from its X68000 release.

Castlevania Chronicles is meant to be a reiteration of Simon's first encounter with Count Dracula. As such, it occupies the same place in Castlevania canon as the first Castlevania game, and can be considered a different outlook on the events of 1691.

Though it is ultimately a wholly different game, there are many likenesses to Castlevania 1 beyond the story and characters. Certain stage designs have been taken directly from the first game, as have motifs in visual design and enemies.

Castlevania Chronicles was released again on the Playstation Network as a PSOne Classic on December 18, 2008.

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