Castlevania: Bloodlines Secrets

here are a few fun secrets in Castlevania: Bloodlines to uncover. Read below to learn about them.

Konami Code

The classic Konami code makes another appearance. Usually, you have to beat Normal Mode before Expert Mode will become available. To skip directly to Expert Mode, at the title screen enter:

Up, up, down, down, right, left, right, left, B, A.

Activate Classic Castlevania Tunes

In the sound test, you may have noticed the themes "Vampire Killer", "Beginning", and "Bloody Tears" are present, but they're nowhere to be heard in the adventure. There is a way to get these three well known anthems to play during your quest. In the options screen listen to BG 5 and SE 73, then return to the title screen to begin your game. This will allow one of the themes to play when you boost your primary weapon (Vampire Killer or Alucard Spear) to full power.

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