Serio and Sliver X's Soleiyu's Revenge

Serio, the only serious staff member of the Chapel of Resonance, has delivered a Seriously Awesome ROM hack of Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge. This time, Christopher gets the bench, and Soleiyu Belmont takes in the limelight. Christopher's sprite has been swapped out for Soleiyu's, so players control the coming of age Vampire Hunter on a trek across the Castles we're familiar with from Belmont's Revenge.

It's Soleiyu's turn to take revenge!

Serio has noticeably improved the graphics, but the most obvious change (aside from the Soleiyu sprite) is the increased speed of the main character. Sliver-X has assisted Serio with this hack, and given our hero greater walking and jumping speed.

Those who have a big issue with Christopher's sluggish movements should be pleased with the result of this hack. It controls much smoother than the original. There's a real sense of fluid action when you're playing it, reminiscent of Rondo of Blood's pace.

This is an absolute must have for any fan of Belmont's Revenge, and especially for those who may not like it because of Christopher's clunky controls.

A Gameboy Emulator is needed to play this. You will be okay with the Visualboy Advance or No$GBA, both of which are offered in this site's Emulation section.

- Color version.

- Black and white version.


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