Punkemnx's Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Hack - Revenge on the Findesiecle

Sunkemnx and Tonyjih have made a really cool Harmony of Dissonance hack, entitled Castlevania: Revenge On The Findesiecle. It changes a number of things - some big, others small. The colors are different in a few select areas, as is the music. Juste's standing sprite has been changed to give him the traditional Belmont pose.

Simon Belmont follows in the footsteps of his. . . grandson?

The most prominent difference is the addition of new playable characters. There is Juste, Maxim, Simon (in regular mode), Julius Belmont (in regular mode, complete with a status menu), Devil Juste, Mario, and the Blue Bomber – Mega Man.

"Maxim's Theme" has been replaced with "Nocturne" from the Symphony of the Night soundtrack when you enter Juste's collection room. Some items have been put in different places as well.
There is a problem with some of the enemies and characters. For instance, the Giant Bat looks very buggy. It isn't big enough to spoil the entire game, but it can be annoying.

To get different playable characters, enter these names on the name entry screen:


You will need a Gameboy Advance emulator to play this. You can find Visual Boy Advance and No$GBA in the site's Emulation section.
Try this out – it's definitely worth a playthrough.


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