Piscesdreams' Castlevania: The Bloodletting

he setting thus far:

The year is 1812, Harker Belmont, son of Richter Belmont, returns to his hometown of Jova to find it laid in waste and flames. He searches for his father to find him in the clutches of Death himself. Death challenges Harker to relive his father's footsteps 20 years ago as Richter rescued Harker's mother Annette. Harker wields the legendary Vampire Killer, and sets out on his quest to rescue his father and unlock the answers as to why Dracula's castle has materialized so early.

It's looking very Rondo of Blood-ish.

". . .but, what is this," you wonder?
This is Piscesdreams resurrecting Castlevania: The Bloodletting. There was a Castlevania game slated to appear on Sega's 32X system, but fate doomed it to never be released. Piscesdreams has taken it upon himself to not let this oft forgotten title fade into obscurity, and chooses to craft his own adventure out of it.

Fans can look forward to upgradeable whips, multiple endings, hidden stages, and custom Item Crash abilities. Piscesdreams is pleased with the pace of this project, and is steadily taking his time polishing it to his liking. A demo is available for download to give you a taste of things to come!

You can keep up with his progress at the Anti-Chapel Forum. Your feedback and ideas would be much appreciated.


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