Uzo and Serio's Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Hack

ere's something interesting. It seems that Uzo wanted to play Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, but the sprite for Simon bothered him so much that he designed his own.

I never had any problem with it, but Uzo's disgruntlement has birthed a neat hack of the game where the usual Simon sprite is swapped with an 8-bit version of the Castlevania Chronicles Ayami Kojima design, which was coded in by Serio.

I always liked Kojima's interpretation of Simon. It's good to see it active in 8-bit.

This plays exactly like the regular game, the only difference is the sprite, which turned out well.
There is only one thing worth nitpicking about, which is that Simon often blends in with the black of the backgrounds. I can't recall this happening to as noticeable a degree on the original sprite.

It sometimes creates a small problem (well, big enough to kill you) with making precise jumps over pits, where you must see exactly where Simon's foot is on the stone. Oftentimes, his black boot is mixed in with the black background. Still, it's not that bad.

You will need a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator to play this ROM. The ones offered in this site's Emulation section will work just fine.

If you're in the mood for Simon's Quest, why not pick this up and try an old classic with a new, remarkable twist?


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