Richter 1989's Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Tiger Handheld Review

k, let me first say this is possibly one of the rarest handhelds that I know of, so it’s very hard to come by. This review will be a bit different because I will go into detail about the levels, bosses items, etc.

This is a simplified version of the hit PSX game. You play as Alucard, Dracula's son. Alucard wants to stop his father's evil reign, because he is half-human half-vampire and doesn't want to destroy Richter Belmont. In this simplified version you can pick up weapons such as: Ax, Cross, and Throwing Dagger. Alucard starts his journey with has dagger, but the cool thing is your weapon upgrades as you progress through the game. You have 3 hearts, if you lose all of your hearts the game will be over, but you can pick up more. They are scarce so be careful!

Level 1 is the Castle Entrance where you will fight medusa heads and zombies. The final boss of the level is Medusa. She is fairly easy to beat

Level 2 is the Royal Chapel. In this level you have to contend with zombies, medusa heads, and bats. The bats are tricky to dodge. This level has 2 different sections - the lower and upper part. You go on the top to dodge bats, on the bottom, or pick up a throwing dagger and throw it at them, but be careful, if you choose to doge the bats from the bottom you will have to deal with bats attacking from behind. The boss of this level is Hipogryph. He's tricky, use the Ax to defeat him and collect the Silver Ring.

Level 3 is the Catacombs where you must fare with the magical spells of the Salem Witches and other enemies from previous levels. The boss of this level is Succubus; defeat her to obtain the Golden Ring, and then prepare for the final battle with your father, Dracula!

Level 4 you must first fight off a swarm of enemies. After all of them are destroyed you face Dracula and use the Holy Cross to defeat him.

Well, that concludes my review of this gem of a handheld. One final word - if you see this game anywhere, pick it up. Its worth it.


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