Beingthehero's Lessons Learned from Castlevania Characters

uguste Rodin once said "Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely." So I decided there are wise lessons to be learned from the cast of our favorite series. First, let's look at the greatest hero, Simon Belmont.

Though his hair color is ever changing, his values never do. Courage is one. The man dared to brave Dracula's Castle alone, when no help was offered. He didn't pout by the gates, or go home and hide under the sheets because he was too scared.
No, he endured the many horrors, even though he couldn't change direction in midair at first.. And when Dracula put a curse on him? He bravely set out to do a task most would deem impossible, for it was a quest beyond a simple jog through a Castle. He had to endure mansions of creatures, figure out impossible puzzles, and intentionally revive his greatest foe.

Another lesson he leaves us: Duty. He knew what had to be done when the cultists revived Dracula. Simon wasn't the lazy type. His destiny was foretold, and he set out to fulfill it all the same. Many people try to flee fate, but Simon embraced it.

And then there's Brauner. His lesson is one we need to heed. Love is the greatest thing that binds humans together; but atrocious acts can be committed in its name, too. As we know, he stole Eric LeCarde's daughters because he coveted them. To destroy other's life so you can have your old one back is a terrible deed and no family member would wish you to do that. Protecting one's family is one thing; but destroying another's to make up for it is another.

But what teachings do we gather from the beloved Alucard? Mr. Arikado shows us that defiance against a greater evil, no matter how personal, is one of the bravest things you can do. This doesn't mean to promote delinquency if you don't agree with your parent's views; but if they are causing active harm, you've got to stand up for your own beliefs. Alucard managed to confront Dracula twice, and knew him for the twisted soul he was. Family loyalty didn't stop him, for he had sympathy for us mortals.

What of Devil Forgemaster Hector? Hector was plagued by guilt; he was ashamed of his dark powers he used to aid Dracula, and knew nothing but hatred for his twisted former friend Issac. Hector sought vengeance against Issac for the death of his wife, but rather than succumbing to Dracula's Curse, he realized that all revenge does is destroy the very fabric of the person seeking vengeance. We don't redeem anyone when you practice an eye for an eye; rather, you just further hatred until you are doomed to a spiral of grief. Sometimes it is better to walk away than to become something you would abhor.

Then we also have Soma Cruz. Soma was burdened with a daunting pain; within him lays evil power needed to resume the eternal battle between the Belmonts and Dracula. But instead, his friends gathered to help him. Without their support, the events of the Sorrow games would have been grim, indeed. But he redeemed his own cursed soul and sought to fight the evil he was meant to control. This shows us that we need our friends in the darkest times.

Bonds of a true friend can outlast the greatest pains you can go through. Soma, Mina, Julius and all the gang stuck together through their troubled times, and came out victorious. We need our friends more than anything.

This is just a sampling of life's lessons from Castlevania's cast. You may find your own inspiration from other character's that I wasn't able to cover. There's no shame in using other's experience to further your own, even if it does come from a 600-year-old half human, half vampire video game protagonist.


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