Alec's Thesis on Dracula and his Resurrections

Let us explore the nature of Dracula's resurrections.

The "100 Year Rule" is oft quoted, and yet has never applied and never will. Why? It's not a rule at all.

Dracula is said to revive every 100 years, but most of the time he doesn't, and so I have determined that the "100 Year Rule" is more of an approximation than a solid figure; Dracula DOES get his powers from a "Stream of Chaos" (AOS), and Chaos follows no rules, by it's very definition.

So claiming the 100 Year Rule is in fact a "rule" of any sort is moot and just plain wrong, and so Dracula will take anywhere from 5 to a little over 100 years to resurrect, depending on the circumstances, but it's not a set figure.

Obviously, when the remains of his last body are gathered together, it speeds things up CONSIDERABLY (SOTN, SQ), and rituals such as a Black Mass will also speed up his resurrection (RoB, CV Chronicles/ Castlevania [as it is merely a retelling that doesn't alter the source material, I consider it canon in the same place of the original Castlevania; it's a "Director's Cut", if you will]).

We have also observed that Dracula will sometimes "resurrect" in an odd manner, such as the cases where individuals have had prolonged exposure to, or absorb, Dracula's Magic or remains; for instance, Albus' possession by Dominus (in which he identified himself as Dracula, and indeed, Dracula's personality was fusing with and twisting Albus' personality during that time), Maxim's personality split, where prolonged exposure to Dracula's remains created a second "self" within the dark recesses of Maxim's mind that would later manifest physically as a partially-born algamation of Maxim's dark self and Dracula's appearance, and Soma Cruz, where Dracula had been almost utterly destroyed a long time prior and his soul chose Soma as it's new host (here, Dracula could potentially resurrect in Soma's body provided Soma gave in to the darkness or absorbed too much power at a single moment). These "Possesion Resurrections" are purely circumstantial and can happen at any time, given the right materials and conditions are present (assumed from the Sorrow series, which had the shortest span of time between such resurrections: a year). They also need not be intentional; the Possession Resurrection of Maxim Kischne was entirely unintentional, suggesting that anyone can be a possible vessel for a Possession Resurrection if the right conditions arise.

Furthermore, these resurrections differ from the normal resurrections in that Dracula is not only incomplete as far as his powers are concerned, but also his mental state (such as personality and memories), which is often massively fragmented (HOD, DOS, OOE) and so he borrows and twists elements of the personality through which he gains new life, such as twisting Soma's protectiveness of his friends into a lust for massacre, to fill in the missing pieces. This is more like a fusion of the original Dracula and the host through which he is being reborn, and given that all such fusions have been thwarted by various means before progressing beyond an early stage, I cannot be certain of the final result it would have if left unchecked; however, it is possible the end result would be a being neither Dracula, nor host persona-- a completely new being which would draw it's essence from both sources.

This trait is not evident during a normal resurrection, in which Dracula is intentionally called, body and soul, back from Hell, and so maintains his normal personality: an air of assurance and confidence, a underlaid aura of loathing, and a desire to manipulate others (RoB, OOE) while also retaining his original memories, such as Lisa's Death (SOTN) and Hector's Betrayal (COD).

Take from this what you will, but I have come to beleive that the nature of Dracula's Resurrection will define Dracula's own self once it has occurred.


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