ou've found your way to the Chapel of Resonance's Fan Area. This is where fans of Castlevania showcase their tributes to the series, whether they're in the form of art, custom wallpapers, writing, fan games, or other mediums.

If you have any fan works that you'd like displayed, please send e-mail with your material to the-successor@chapelofresonance.com, and I'll post it up on the site for all to see. We're greatly honored to host and exhibit your talents.

Please see here for more information on fan submissions, and please visit the Anti-Chapel Forums' Fan Works board to find more fan projects and leave comments.

Castlevania Artwork

Circle of Snake's Art Gallery

rage_styler's Art Gallery

Diplocephalus' Art Gallery

AttansRabarber's Art Gallery

Lotus Petal's Art Gallery

DarkmaneTheWerewolf's Art Gallery

Marto's Art Gallery

Dracula9's Art Gallery

Peklo's Art Gallery

Various Art Gallery

Castlevania Fan Games

Punkemnx's Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Hack - Revenge on the Findesiecle

Z Slogra and V Gaibon's Castlevania: The Sacred Stones

Uzo and Serio's Castlevania II Hack

Serio and Sliver-X's Soleiyu's Revenge

Piscesdreams' Castlevania: Bloodletting

2Dee2Doo's Castlevania: Moonlight Requiem

Castlevania Reader Articles

The Gambler's Those So Un-Castlevania Moments that Make the Series Special

Beingthehero's Lessons to be Learned from Castlevania Characters.

Mpj's Castlevania: The Betterment of 3-D

Mpj's Castlevania AoEG cutscene plan

Alec's Thesis on Dracula and his Resurrections

Alec's Review of Castlevania: Order of Shadows

Beingthehero's 5 of the most memorable tunes of Castlevania, and 5 of the least memorable

Richter 1989's Symphony of the Night Tiger Handheld Review

Nightwing's You Really Love Castlevania When...

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