Aria of Sorrow Voice Translations by Raven

uring the Gameboy Advance Castlevania trilogy, there were many voices included in the games, but they were all in Japanese, leaving people that don't know the language in the dark as to what they mean. This article is meant to shed a little light on the meaning of Aria of Sorrow's voice clips. Boot up Aria's sound mode and follow along.


9. Jyoutou – "Well done." Soma says this when he gets knocked back. It is his way of saying something like "touché".

12. Ike! – "Let's go!"

15. Tadameda – "Finishing Blow!"

26. - Ora ora ora! – "Hey hey hey!"

28. – Mi magiru! – "I'm going to plough right through you!"

29. – Ma, itane? - "Well, you're here, aren't you?" It is kind of like "Well, you're here, so there's not much we can do..."

32. - Kierou! – "Disappear!"


71. Kisama - This is really vulgar. It translates to the feeling we give "bastard."

73. Doushita?! - What did you do?

75. - Kisama, itai! – "That hurts, you bastard!"

77. - Kore ga chikara da. – "This is my power."

78. – "Aria"


85. - Hikari ore – "I am the light."

86. - Yami ni kaere! – "Return to the darkness!"


62. - Collection ni iku haite ageru – "I will let you enter into my collection."

63. - Mada mada – "Not yet, not yet."

64. - Ikazuchiyo! – "Thunder!"

65. - Honooyo – "A blaze!"


35. - Irasshai – "Welcome." (This one is very formal; it's how they greet customers at department stores, for example)

37. - Ki wo tsukete ne? – "Be careful, ok?"

38. - Okairi – "Welcome back."

39. - Harou~ -"Hello~"

43. - Shine! – "Die!" (Pronounced shee-neh)

46. - Tsuyoi... – "So strong."

52. - Odore! – "Dance!"

54. - Oide – "Come here."

69. - Un more – "Your luck has run out."


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